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La web application unique en France qui, pour seulement 10 euros par mois, recherche et vous alerte sur les financements correspondants à vos projets.

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The online societal and engagement projects platform for professionals

Societality is a global collaborative platform, promoting and facilitating societal actions. It has been designed to ease at once (one-stop shop) the daily activities of all types of organizations involved in social and environmental projects, and is shaped as a connected B to B network, equipped with a customizable toolbox specifically addressing your social projects, partnership management and reporting needs.


This platform aims at:


  • Contributing to structure this constantly evolving sector and optimizing each organization activity by:
    • Providing online tools (i.e.: decision-making, reporting, monitoring, communication, qualified information, notably on matching financing opportunities, etc.)
    • Enabling local and global partnerships and collaborations around each organization’s core interests.
    • Enabling visibility for innovative social initiatives and solutions (i.e.: social acceptability strategies, CSR policies, shared value approaches or social & environmental risk prevention, etc.)
  • Creating awareness on social commitment and best practices across the not-for-profit and social innovation sector, through an extensive database notably including organization profiles, requests for proposals, case studies, funding opportunities, surveys, reports, articles, etc.


Societality is an independent business with social purpose.

It has been initiated by Be-Linked, a strategic consulting company specialized in co-creation between the private sector and CSOs (Civil Society Organizations), for a fair, efficient and sustainable development. Besides, Societality collaborates with sb factory, a company dedicated to social innovation and financing.

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